About Us

Sourcing delicious, high-quality ingredients from around the globe is our love language.


Get a taste of our founder Christie's passion for culinary arts, travel and of course, ice cream!

Sunny days start in the kitchen

I grew up in a family that loved to linger around the table. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a passion for bringing others joy through homemade desserts. The more time I spent cooking and baking, the more in love I became with food. 

My passion for cooking took me first to culinary school and then on to working and traveling with some of the best-known chefs in the world. Spending my foundational years beside culinary greats, I quickly grasped the magic of crafting unforgettable flavors from simple, local ingredients.

Discovering magic in Norway

That appreciation for ingredients and flavor collided with the magic of the midnight sun in a charming coastal town in Norway, where Sommerly was born. Amidst a backdrop of pastel painted skies, I indulged in local ice cream that tasted like a dream.

Sommerly was born

I carried the excitement and flavor memories from my Norwegian summer back home to my kitchen.

Developing Sommerly’s recipes became my way of blending travel-inspired culinary adventures with the universal joy of ice cream. As you dive into Sommerly's world, I hope you enjoy our passport of global flavors and the magic of endless summer days. 

- Christie, Founder

To protect the places around the world that inspire us, we're contributing 1% for the Planet.

When you indulge in Sommerly, you're not just experiencing a unique blend of flavors, but you're also embracing the ethos of joy, exploration, and responsible indulgence.